How much is a person worth? I know that it can be viewed from a number of perspectives. The easy answer is priceless, but we as humans tend to put value on things and yes, sometimes even people. Do we value a homeless, filthy street person the same way as that good looking family that visited our church recently? Often, we determine a person’s worth by how much they can pour back into our lives.

One time a woman approached Jesus and poured very expensive perfume on Him. The fragrance filled the house and everyone could smell that sweet aroma. She valued Jesus quite highly! Others present at the time were indignant because they thought it was a waste, and the perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Perhaps that is true, but she valued Jesus so high that she was willing to do this act of worship. Take Judas, on the other hand. He valued Jesus at only thirty pieces of silver. Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver.

I think there’s a lesson here. What you value the most in your life of all you possess, is the very thing you worship and adore the most in your life. David’s men risked their lives to capture a flask of water from Bethlehem’s well and David poured it out as a drink offering to the Lord because this priceless gift needed to be given to the Lord. In essence David said, “I’m not worth this, but He is!”

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