Have you ever moved a piano? I’m talking about one of those really heavy upright pianos. If they have wheels you can generally roll them out from the wall to clean behind them once a year, but it’s no fun moving them.

If you want to get one out of your house you’ll need help because we are talking heavy lifting and you can’t do this one on your own. One time, two young strapping guys who were both really strong picked up my piano off the back of the moving truck and put it in my house. Wow, normally it took four guys! There are some things that you just can’t do all by yourself. For example, Moses was praying for Israel’s troops one day and as long as he held up his staff Israel prevailed against the enemy. Moses got tired and his hands began to drop and when he did the enemy began to get the upper hand. His brother Aaron and friend Hur each held up one of his arms and assisted with the heavy lifting.

Not even Moses could do it alone. We need each other to succeed and get the heavy lifting done. Later Moses tried the same thing with counselling all of Israel’s problems by himself. His father-in-law said what he was doing was not wise and would soon wear out. He needed help and he needed to share the load. It works best when we do it as a team.

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