What do you see when you look into a mirror? People sometimes say, “I see myself in the mirror!” Actually, they are only seeing a reflection of themselves in the mirror. If I wanted to get technical I could also say that we only see a reflection of our physical self.

Sometimes it is good to have a look in the mirror to make sure you are “presentable!” That’s what my mom told me! Another way to “reflect” is to have a look back over the year and ask some questions about how the year went. This is where you might see a reflection of your soul. Were you kind to everyone this year? Was there an occasion when you used words that you later wished you hadn’t said them quite that way? What does your boss say about your work ethic and your contribution to the work environment? Do the servers in the restaurant cringe when you sit in their serving section? How was your conduct in traffic each day as you travelled and went about your business?

We all have access to resources such as time, money,  talents, ideas, gifting and other “stuff” and did we exhaust them on ourselves or were some of them spent or invested on serving others, or the Lord’s kingdom. What captured your heart and motivated you the most this year? Was it worship, gratitude, prayer, intercession and other eternal things? What reflection do you see in that mirror?

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