As I read the Christmas story I marvel at how prevalent the Holy Spirit’s presence was in all those involved. When Mary goes to see Elizabeth who is pregnant with John and in her sixth month, she is greeted by Elizabeth who is immediately filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesies concerning Mary’s child. Elizabeth’s child was filled with the Holy Spirit while in the womb.

Jesus would one day refer to him as the greatest prophet born among men. John’s father Zacharias prophesied when John was born concerning the great work John would do. Did I mention also when Mary inquired of the Angel how she would conceive the Angel told her that the Holy Spirit would “come upon you!” Eight days after Jesus was born his parents brought him to the temple for dedication, circumcision and to give the customary offering for a first-born male. They were met by an older devout man named Simeon who was waiting for the arrival of Israel’s Messiah (The Consolation of Israel).

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit was upon him and that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he wouldn’t die until he had personally seen the Messiah. He was led by the Holy Spirit to come to the temple the same day Joseph and Mary showed up and then he prophesied by the Holy Spirit concerning Jesus and Mary. The Christmas story gives us a glimpse at what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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