I wonder just how long dear old Simeon waited. We are told that the Holy Spirit revealed to him that he would not see death until he had personally seen the Lord’s Christ (The Messiah).

Sometimes God shows us something and He makes us wait a real long time. God is not wasting His time or ours, nor is He playing some mind game with us. He plants His word in our hearts and He brings His promises to pass according to Hid perfect schedule. I believe He is producing patience and character and trust in us when He does those things. I’ve noticed in gardening that some seeds come up in a day or so, while others take three weeks to a month. God watches over His word to perform it and it will not return to Him void. So, Simeon waited, until one day a young couple came to the temple carrying a little bundle.

There was nothing exceptional or extraordinary about Joseph, Mary and the little baby boy they were carrying, yet when Simeon saw the child his heart leapt and he proclaimed, “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen your salvation …!” We’re not certain how old Simeon was at the time, nor how long he lived after this event, but he was ready to depart in peace. I think that’s what seeing the arrival of Jesus does to one’s soul … you see salvation!

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