Searching is a word I would use to describe most, if not all, of humanity. People are searching for something or someone. People are searching for love, for peace, for fulfillment, for security, a job which leads to a better life or for prestige or popularity. Israel was waiting for someone … the Messiah!

The Messiah (or the “Anointed One”) would restore the kingdom rule to Israel and drive away those miserable Romans. They knew exactly where the new king would be born. In fact when Magi from the east (Iraq) appeared in Jerusalem after following a star for months they were told by the religious leaders that Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. When they asked, “Where is He?” they were told precisely where to go and off they went. The magi were given the “Word” straight out of the book of Micah and then they followed it and “the star” straight to the home of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. King Herod and his people, the Chief priests and Scribes, the people of Jerusalem and the Magi all “had” the Word.

The Magi were the only ones to profit from the Word because they mixed it with faith and they were led directly to Jesus. God is not kidding when He says, “Seek Me and you will find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart.” Herod sought to kill Him, but the Magi sought to worship Him. When they asked “Where is He?” they found Him!

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