No nation on earth has had as much Divine intervention into the life of the nation as had Israel. God spoke to them in so many ways and delivered them from their enemies and has blessed them as a nation.

Their history unfolded right from the time when the glory of God appeared to Abraham, their incredible deliverance form Egyptian slavery and their reception of the Ten Commandments. Through all this and much other history God promised a Messiah. He told them what tribe, what family, what time and even what city the Messiah would come from. One day Magi came into Jerusalem looking for the King of the Jews, because they had seen His star. These guys had followed the direction of a star, while Israel had prophets who spoke to them on God’s behalf. So, how did this Nation completely miss the arrival of their promised Messiah? He’d been in Bethlehem for about two years according to the testimony of the Magi as to when they had first seen the Star.

Maybe they were living in a time of huge unrest and they were desperately looking, and meanwhile in Israel they were so absorbed with the Romans that they missed God’s sign posts. I’m intrigued because it seems God uses all kinds of measures and “signs” to direct hungry, seeking hearts to find His Son. The Scribes pointed them to Bethlehem, but they rejoiced when the saw the Star!

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