Yeah right! Someone said, “There’s nothing free in this world!” When I see an ad that says “free gift” I am a sceptic and always think, “What’s the catch?” If it is on line, and it says, “Click Here”, they usually want your email address so they can feed it to their sponsors and suddenly you are inundated with hundreds of unwanted email.

I feel almost cheated because it really wasn’t without “strings attached” and besides I had to pay double the postage because the second item was free also. (Just saying) So what if there was a free gift with no strings attached? I watched a video of a guy butting in line at the grocery store only to tell the cashier and the stunned customer, “Oh, I’m paying for both of ours, and that’s why I butted in front of them!” I thought that was odd, but secretly hoped someone would do that for me someday. Someone Did! Jesus stepped out of heaven and into the human line of brokenness and indebtedness and proclaimed He had come to ransom us.

Adam had brought death and debt but God brought grace, forgiveness, mercy and life through the free gift of His Son. One church recently took up an offering totaling 5.7 million dollars to help the poor pay off medical bills. About 7000 recipients were helped and it was free! The free gift Jesus offers is for everyone, everywhere, for all time … no strings attached!

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