In 1968 Jim Hines broke the 10 second barrier for the 100 meter race at the Mexico Olympics. His time for running 100 meters was 9.9 seconds and that was considered almost super-human. So in the last fifty years that record has been broken, but not by much.

I mean we are talking hundreds of a second to even a thousandth of a second difference. So if someone comes along and runs a 100 meter race in 9 seconds it would be considered huge! Most of us would say that it doesn’t seem like much. So let me ask, what would be considered much more? Adam’s mistake (Sin) cost humanity a great deal. Humanity was plunged into darkness, disease, dread, discouragement and death. Once in a while a man or woman comes along and makes a small difference in our world. Some folks get fed, a hospital gets built, a well provides water and so on. Jesus came along and turned everything on its heels. Four times the apostle uses the term “much more” when he compares what Adam did to what Christ undid and accomplished.

The much more includes being saved from God’s wrath, justified by faith in the blood, the gift of grace and in fact grace “abounding” to all mankind. Paul said, “But where sin abounded grace abounded much more.” In 1969 a man stepped on to the moon and said, “… one giant leap for mankind!” Jesus did “much more!”

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