The thing about humans is that we don’t like to be hated! We love to be loved. Many people will do anything they can to receive the love, acceptance and approval of the people around them. We are not “rock the boat” kind of people.

Hey, why make waves if you don’t have to? Jesus said the world hated Him and the world would hate His followers also. What’s it saying if the world doesn’t hate us? I’m not suggesting that we go looking for it or shout out, “Bring it on!” But, what if it means we are not having any impact whatsoever. Jesus said that men would love darkness and hate the light because their deeds were evil and didn’t want them exposed by the light. He was the Light of the world and has called His church to be “children of Light!” Paul cries out to the church, “Arise and Shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is upon you!” Are we that boring and of so little influence that the world just yawns and turns over?

We are simply just not rocking the boat enough to raise concern! The world hates it when others pop their little false protect-me-bubble. They hated Jesus because He upset their dead, empty religious system that gave them a false sense of security. He offered real hope and lasting peace. They hated Him! Does the world hate you also?

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