Have you ever run out of gas? It’s inconvenient at best and certainly frustrating if your day isn’t already going so well. Some people can take it in stride and just keep on going, by calling road side assistance and patiently waiting for the gas to show up.

I like those kind of resilient people, except if I’m travelling with them and I really need to be somewhere! Did your soul ever seem like it ran out of gas? You find yourself tired and exasperated and just have no more to give to yourself or anyone else for that matter. Maybe you just ran out of “joy” because it’s the gasoline of the soul. Joy is that beautiful fruit of the Spirit, that is difficult to explain because it is often equated with happiness. Joy is much more than happiness or even contentment, because it sees beyond the present circumstances and sees a brighter future. Jesus endured the cross because of the joy that was set before Him. Wow, even suffering didn’t diminish the Lord’s joy.

Now get this … He has placed His joy in us and He desires that we have full joy! Think of a net full of fish, a tummy full of food, a junk drawer stuffed with “stuff” and yes, even a tank of gas where the needle says full! There is so much joy from Jesus that there is room for nothing else. Jesus wants you to be full of joy!

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