Apparently, God is really happy with us when our lives produce much fruit. In fact Jesus even said that this is how the Father is glorified! So how do we produce more fruit and then “much fruit”? Allow me to illustrate by referring to my apple trees.

I planted two new trees about three years ago when we moved out to the country. They were small and quite weak and needed to really set down some roots into the new soil in which they were planted. No apples were produced on either tree that first season. The “Goodland” produced seven apples the next year and the “honey crisp” produced a few last year. How do I get them to produce more? I could pluck the pretty flowers off each spring for the first few years and all the energy would go into the building and growing of the trees. (I’m too impatient for that!) I could cut off or “prune” a few branches so that the tree could also grow more and the end result would still be the same and that being “more fruit!”

Jesus had that idea in mind when He called us to bear much fruit. You see, His Word abiding in us would produce the same results as plucking blossoms or pruning branches. We however resist the process of pruning and we tend to “squawk” too much when God does that. His Word alone brings the life which will produce the “muchfruit!”

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