The first truth we’ve established is that you and I are branches (figuratively speaking). From what I can read into what Jesus said it appears that we have two jobs or functions. Job number one is to just hang in there. It really is that simple!

Jesus referred to it as “abiding” or “remain”. As soon as you cut off a branch it withers, dies and becomes unfruitful. It cannot bear fruit all on its own, so it must remain attached to the vine. Bearing fruit is what job number two is all about. A branch has one major responsibility and that is to produce fruit. Apples come from apple branches, pears come from pear branches attached to pear trees and grapes come from branches attached to grape vines. So we as humans can bear fruit also. We can produce the fruit of the Spirit (Character development), we can see souls saved (Evangelism) or we can teach, lead, and disciple, mentor, serve, administrate or prophesy.

All of these reveal the activity of life flowing from the Vine into the branches or the life of the Holy Spirit flowing into and through us from our attachment to Jesus. So how do we produce more and why should we produce more? Well, the Father is glorified by our bearing “much fruit” so that covers the why and the how is answered next week … in His abiding word!

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