The Kingdom order has been set. Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. If we can get this one concept straight then I believe we can move forward and live out a powerfully victorious and meaningful life.

The role of the Vine needs to be clear. Jesus (The True Vine) is the source of all life. Everything flows from Him. Every branch attached to Him will eventually produce something. Paul speaks of Jesus as having pre-eminence (first-place) in everything, and that puts the branches in second place. Now that’s not a bad position to be in if we recognize the role of the branch. In winter time a tree with its trunk and branches can look deserted and ugly, unless it’s covered with new fallen snow or frost. In the spring the buds begin to come and soon blossoms cover the tree. The apple trees look fantastic this time of year and the bees are happy! The next season is one of growth and development. The end game is in sight as bits of fruit start to appear and grow. What is the branch doing? It appears to be just hanging in there with the vine.

Life is happening quietly and successfully. The branch is there to bear fruit! The more fruit the better. Fruitfulness doesn’t happen by straining, grunting or groaning, pushing or pulling, but by simply abiding. The call upon the branch is “abide in Me” and therefore find rich lasting meaning.

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