For some reason Jesus believes we need help! Long term assistance is more what He had in mind. The Father had sent His Son to help us, because we really needed help. So, Jesus came to serve us, instead of being served by us.

(A bit of role reversal happening there.) After He finished His earthly duties and ministry He was going to go away, but before He left He promised further help in the form of The Helper (That’s the Holy Spirit). He’s referred to by Jesus as The Spirit of Truth. Probably the first and foremost area where we all need help is with truth. It’s not in the area of telling lies and the Helper scolding us, but in the arena of “truth” in general. The Holy Spirit wants to lead us into all truth. (The truth about God, Jesus sin and salvation, Life, true happiness, eternity or life after death, sickness and health, true riches and so much more). We need help just to cope with life. This generation appears to be weighed down with stress, anxiety and fear and we need help. Many are crying for help! Guess what? Help has come, or should I remind you The Helper has come.

He doesn’t always take away the stress factors but He leads us into the knowledge of how to abide in the Lord’s peaceful assuring presence and draw from Him the help and strength we need for today.

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