Joseph was loved by his father so much that Jacob even made him a special tunic or coat of many colors, but this angered his older brothers and they hated him. Joseph tattled on his brothers one time (perhaps more than once) because they were misbehaving, and they hated him. That’s strong negative emotion coming from family members.

Joseph had a couple of dreams which revealed him in a higher place of power than his family and the word says that “they hated him even more!” They hated him so much that they finally sold him as a slave and told their father he’d been devoured by a wild animal. His story caused me to reflect on the events which led Jesus to die on a cross. The crowd cheered one day about their king, and days later shouted, “crucify Him!” Why such hatred I wondered? In the course of His life Jesus only preached the truth, and one time He said, “And this is the judgment, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light: for their deeds are evil.” Is this why they hated Jesus?

But wait, Truth is our friend and light only exposes the darkness! “Everyone who does evil hates the light!” So they smothered the Light with the darkness of a tomb, because they hated Him! Truth prevailed and the Light broke free on Resurrection Morning. He is Risen!

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