It’s a mind blowing commission! Imagine with me for a moment hanging around Jesus up close and personal for just over three years. There probably wasn’t a day that there wasn’t some eye-popping, jar-dropping moment of Jesus doing some incredible sign, wonder, healing, deliverance or miracle. For me personally, Jesus walking on the water was one of the most out-standing miraculous works.

Raising the dead on several occasions was pretty cool also. After a period of time being with Jesus He sent out His followers and told them to heal the sick, raise the dead and preach the kingdom of God. They did that and every time came back rejoicing at the signs and wonders that accompanied them. As Jesus came to the conclusion of His earthly ministry He told the disciples something incredible. He was going back to the Father! In doing so He then said that because of that these mere human men who followed Jesus would do greater works than He did.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me pause and go  … What? What was Jesus referring to by “greater works”? Did He mean quality or quantity or perhaps both? Perhaps it is greater works because He’s doing them in and through us as we cooperate and surrender to Him. We are the vessels and He is the power, anointing and will behind these works. Think about it … isn’t it incredible that God could even work through us to accomplish His will? Hallelujah!

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