After further pondering last week’s “Just a Thought” I felt there was unfinished business with that statement by Jesus. There have been many great philosophers and teachers in humankind, and there have been many who have done great humanitarian deeds and they have moved us by their deep compassion.

This statement by Jesus, about Himself, (“I am the way, the truth and the life”) speaks to us, and challenges us as people at a core level, and calls us home to find the direction for our soul, the reality for our mind and the lasting meaning for our hearts that we cry for. No one but Jesus has ever made that claim about themselves. In this He answers the question many ask and even more think, “Why am I here?” He is why we are here. Our separation from God leaves us with a profound sense of emptiness and longing for truth and knowledge of the way back home. This is His invitation to everyone and everywhere. Do you want to know where to go … He is the Way!

Do you want to know reality and certainty … He is the Truth. Do you want fulfilment, meaning, peace and lasting joy in this life then … He is the Life. All of our fears about our less than exemplary past life of sin, and the great unknown of what the future holds are answered in Jesus – the way, the truth and the life.

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