When I’m in unfamiliar territory I get real nervous about getting lost. I hate being lost because it’s inconvenient, time-consuming and really frustrating.

I like to have a good idea of the lay of the land, such as familiarity to street names, sign posts, land-marks, a personal navigator and perhaps a seeing eye dog who could sniff our way back to civilization in case we really get off track. Don’t even mention GPS because I know of people who got hopelessly lost because of that system of guidance. (Besides it won’t shut up!) I like maps, like the one Christopher Columbus used to get himself to India. Well anyway, what if we find ourselves in uncharted territory where nobody has ever been? What about the question as to where do we go after we die? Is there a place we go after we die and how do we find our way there? Everyone dies at some point, but does life end and that’s all there is, or is there a place we go?

Jesus is the only one to have been raised from the dead by means of resurrection and He said, “I go to prepare a place for you and I will take you to where I am!” The answer to the question, “Which way do I go”, is answered by Jesus when He said “Follow Me!” He knows the way! The Glorified Personal Saviour (GPS) will lead the way clearly.

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