Have you ever visited a mansion? I mean like been inside and looked through the entire house, walked around outside in the gardens, sat by the pool and pondered what it would be like to live there in that mansion.

I had a friend who lived in a real big house and we thought it was a mansion. By today’s standards it was just a real big house. The church parsonage we lived in during our time in Indian Harbour Lake, Nova Scotia was large and spacious and one dear old saint commented, “Wow, you live in a palace!” Well, to her I guess we did because compared to where she lived, we lived pretty high on the hog, as they say. Jesus was returning to the Father’s house and preparing dwelling places for many followers which the translators referred to as mansions. “In My Father’s house are many mansions!” I think what Jesus was saying was that there was space available for everyone.

There are not a few mansions, for a select few “saints” who really lived in a way deserving of a great reward, but there are “many mansions”, and then He said, “I go to prepare a place for you!” To top it all off, He tells them (and us) that He’ll come and take us there personally so we could be where He was. These are wonderful words of comfort and assurance to calm troubled hearts with future hope and promise.

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