During the last Passover meal Jesus would eat with His disciples He said to them, “One of you shall betray Me!” The twelve of them were shocked to say the least.

Each one pondered as to whether or not it might be them. John evened leaned on Jesus and asked directly, “Lord is it I?” I’m thinking that all but one knew exactly what Jesus was referring to. Have you ever wondered why Judas betrayed the Lord? After all, Judas had followed the Lord closely for three years. He had held the baskets that four thousand men had eaten from. He had travelled with the seventy and performed sign and wonders in the Name of Jesus. He had watched as Jesus healed countless sick people, turned water into wine and raised people from the dead. For these three years he had viewed the life and ministry of Jesus and most certainly could say, “He was faultless!” Why would Judas turn Jesus over to the Jewish leaders for thirty pieces of silver? Was the heart of this man so hardened that the love of Christ could not penetrate it? Was Judas only in on “it” for what he could get out of it? I wonder if having our own agenda somehow betrays the Lord by putting ourselves ahead of Him. Have I ever betrayed the Lord? Would I sell Him out?

What object or price have I put before Him and subsequently placed Him in second place?

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