Have you ever walked into a place and immediately been struck by an odor? Now, this can be a pleasant experience or one that makes you plug your nose, depending upon the smell or fragrance.

For example, if you enter someone’s home and there is fresh bread or cookies baking in the oven you tend to think or say, “What’s that wonderful fragrance?” Sometimes when I’ve lifted the lid of the garbage can to toss in another bag of trash there’s a certain unpleasant odor from previously discarded garbage that makes me think, “What stinks?” In our world today we have signs posted in some places indicating fragrance free environments, because some folks are very sensitive to strong perfume smells. Judas Iscariot was offended by a certain fragrance because he felt that the fragrant perfume called “spikenard” that was poured on Jesus’ feet by Mary should have been sold instead of “wasted” and the money given to feed the poor. It says, the “fragrance filled the whole house!” It was the fragrance of worship and Judas simply didn’t understand it.

His personal greed and empty heart of worship detected a bad odor instead of the pleasant fragrance of broken and spilled out gratitude from a true worshiper. Jesus said this event was for His burial and would be remembered for generations. I’d say check your heart the next time you are tempted to ask, “What’s that smell?”

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