Jesus gave a teaching  (in John 10), where He used an illustration about sheep, the shepherd, a sheepfold (pen), a door and a robber. The word says that they did not understand Him.

Now that’s in a culture where they raised sheep, cared for sheep and even used them for offerings, but failed to see where Jesus was going with the teaching. So first He said plainly, “I am the Door!” He was proclaiming that He was the entrance means to salvation, to life, to fulfillment and to purpose and destiny. I believe that’s what it means to “go in and out and find pasture!” So, salvation is not only about eternal life but also meaningful existence here and now. Jesus also said, “I am the Good Shepherd!” So with this firstly, He says He is willing to give His life for the sheep. Not everyone is willing to go into the cold, dangerous, forbidden and treacherous territory to rescue lost sheep. He is! And He did! Secondly, He tells us that the sheep hear and know His voice.

Their response to follow is completely linked to recognizing the voice of the shepherd. He knows us and we know Him and we follow where He leads. That other voice that calls you, beckons you or tempts you will draw you away and leave you out in the cold. His voice calls you home through the open door and into an abundant life.

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