There is a cry in our world for peace. John Lennon of the Beatles wrote the song that many know so well, “Give Peace a Chance!” It became the chant or mantra of the “hippie” movement in the sixties.

Peace is wanted everywhere, by seemingly everyone, so why is it so elusive? Better yet, how do we get peace, or arrive at peace or maintain peace? We look for it all around us and we can’t find it. There’s turmoil in the home, on the streets, at the workplace and in our schools. They are not safe and nor are our churches, synagogues, market places, restaurants, bars or anywhere hatred can express itself. We look for peace within and often find anger, confusion, bitterness, conflict, fear, dread and a host of other peace robbers. Perhaps we are missing the true source of the fountain of peace. Did you know that’s God’s very name “I Am” is accompanied with the Hebrew word for peace to form “Jehovah-Shalom” which means I Am your Peace. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace and He is able to calm the fiercest of storms with a single sentence … “Peace be still!” Perhaps we need to invite Him in to all of our situations in life and follow His ways and then we might find peace.

The announcement at His advent (coming) was, “peace and good will toward men!” Look up these two verses … Isaiah 26:3 and 2Thessalonians 3:16 … and enjoy.

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