Some statements of Jesus got Him in trouble, while others brought Him the threat of death. Take this one for instance. Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

In this statement, He not only made Himself older and better than Abraham but made Himself equal to God. He had just told the Jews that “Abraham rejoiced to see My day, he saw it and was glad.” Abraham was the first to, let’s say, hold up the candle of faith. He had met the eternal God of Glory and his life was changed. Abraham walked with God and trusted in the promise of God to make him a great nation. Even accepting the name change from Abram to Abraham (Father of many nations) was an act of faith on his part. After waiting twenty-five years, along came his son Isaac whom Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice. Fortunately, God had placed a ram in a thicket to be offered in Isaac’s place. God’s tests of the heart bring purifying results and greater revelation.

Abraham saw in all of this the coming of Messiah and so he rejoiced and believed. Abraham’s faith was of such that God accounted it to him as righteousness. He held that candle of faith so high he became “the father of all who would live by faith.” “For by Grace are you saved by Faith!” Light that candle and hold it high!

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