By mid-summer, the dusty country road has all growth along each edge and in the ditches covered with a fine dust. It hasn’t rained in weeks and everything looks brown and very dry.

About a mile or so down this road your eyes seem to play tricks on you because all of a sudden there’s a small bright green patch in the ditch and up the bank for about three or four feet. You notice a black piece of 2” plastic pipe and water pouring out if it, spilling into the ditch and splashing water on the rocks, grass, and shrubs. Someone had tapped into a spring of water and piped it down the hill so lots of folks could enjoy fresh spring water. It was good! It was cool, refreshing and pure coming somewhere deep within the earth. Folks from everywhere came to get jugs of drinking water because it was just so good. Jesus promised a “spiritual” fountain of water to anyone who comes to Him and believes.

This fountain brings refreshment, joy, blessings, and bless God, life eternal. The water on the country road runs all the time. Twenty-four hours a day and every day of the year. It never runs out or dry! The water Jesus offers carries into the next life for you and as it flows out of you it will splash on others and bring them refreshment. Go ahead … take a big drink!

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