A favorite Story of mine is found in John 4 and it’s the story of Jesus’ encounter with a woman of Samaria. The Bible tells us that He needed to go through Samaria. What that immediately tells me is that the Master had a divine appointment that He needed to keep. God will go “out of His way” just to have an encounter with you and me and anyone else for that matter. You see, He knows we are thirsty and searching.

We all desire to find meaning in life, the purpose for life and answers for some of the puzzling and tough questions. Our disconnect with God is the source or reason behind this apparent emptiness we feel inside. God desires to quench that thirst. So Jesus shows up at a well in Samaria and waits there while His followers go into the city to buy some food. A woman shows up with her pitcher to get water. It’s noon and it’s hot outside and Jesus asks her for a drink, and that ensures the conversation that leads her to accept His offer of “living water”. Despite all her original arguments when she first spoke to him her defense was broken with this offer of living water. She simply wanted to drink of the living water.

Jesus knows our thirst and He offers to quench that thirst by giving us truth, reality, hope and life everlasting. Do you have quenchable thirst?

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