“Here, let me show you how this works!” (If you stop and listen … he’s got you!) You gotta love those people who demonstrate a product to the public. They can talk an ear off an elephant. Better yet, they convince you to buy stuff. Wow! You bring that cleaning product home with that new expensive cloth and “presto”, you discover you’ve been taken one more time.

How come the guy on TV, (you know, “Vince”,) can cut a soup can with that knife and you can’t seem to cut butter? He’s just that good at demonstrating. So is God! He demonstrated His love toward all of us by having Jesus His Son die for us while we were still sinners. He put His character and His love on display. No tricks or gimmicks or any fancy slight of the hand – just a pure declaration by living example of undying love and mercy. Israel had turned its back on God so often and chased after plenty of false gods, but God kept showing mercy and drawing them back.

Jeremiah said, “The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving-kindness, I have drawn you.” Suspended between heaven and earth, the Son of God was placed on display for all to see and experience the perfectly expressed love of God. Now, that’s a demonstration I can buy into. “Here, let me show you how this works …”

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