In the story of the prodigal son Jesus tells us that the man had two sons. The one son left home, wasted his entire inheritance but eventually came home when he had that “aha” moment. He was warmly received by the all-embracing love of his father.

In fact, they threw a celebration because the son had arrived home safe and sound. “My son was lost and now he is found!” In another story, Jesus tells of someone who loved much because they had been forgiven much. Perhaps this was the case of this lost son who had royally messed up but was now welcomed home. He discovered his father truly loved him. His brother causes me to pause and wonder if he loved the father more because he had remained home or less because just maybe he served out of duty and not the relationship. Did he get it? Did he truly understand that all the father really cared about was having his son close to his heart and his home? Everything father owned was his, but did that get in the way of him seeing the immeasurable love of his father.

The younger son knew it by experience. Which son do you think loved the most? How about you? Do you love Him because He first loved you or are you merely duty-driven? Have you truly experienced the love of God which surpasses understanding? He is waiting with open arms.

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