The Mexicans got so excited this week because their soccer team beat the German team, that their shouting and dancing set off earthquake sensors! Wow, now that’s celebrating.

What gets you that excited? Heaven gets really excited when one lost sinner repents, turns his life over to God and gets authenticity saved. Two things happen: the angels rejoice and Jesus said that there was rejoicing in the presence of the angels! That means the Lord gets excited, rejoices and celebrates also! The Word says, “He dances over us with joy!” He celebrates your recovery and freedom. God got so excited one time when Paul and Silas started to sing in jail that His foot-stomping caused an earthquake! I guess the Mexicans kind of understood this. Some people celebrate when they get a new job, win that ball game, have their first baby, pass the 100 birthday milestone, walk their daughter down the aisle, buy a new car or graduate from high school. Congrats by the way to all of our graduates! We celebrate you! Those are great things to celebrate.

The father of the prodigal son said, “Let’s throw a party! My son who was dead is alive again!” Now he had a great reason to celebrate. We need to do that. We need to get excited about souls being rescued, delivered, freed and saved. We should shout and dance with great joy when the lost get found! Could we shake the earth for them?

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