How do describe a wasted life? I suppose there are too many scenarios to fully describe this, but allow me to illustrate with just a few.

There was a super-star sports pro we met who was a multi-millionaire. Well, he was before he lost everything and ended up in jail. Grace rescued him! A preacher had a global outreach ministry, and a beautiful wife and family. They lived in a mansion and had expensive cars, that is until an affair and corruption brought it all down to the ground and left it all in ashes and He went to jail. Grace rescued him! A young man came home from an unsuccessful hunting trip and was very hungry. His brother was making supper but was unwilling to share unless he sold him his birthright. Wow, what an expensive meal! It’s like selling your soul to the devil for a bowl of soup. His birthright entitled him to a double portion of the father’s riches. Grace didn’t rescue him!

Sometimes when you waste your inheritance there is no recovering what was lost. Samson never got his sight back, but God did allow him to take out many of Israel’s enemies in his death. Bad health can cause a wasted life. In fact, anything that causes you to hold back and not live out your full potential will result in a wasted life. The prodigal son wasted most of his, but Grace rescued him!

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