Did your heart ever ache? I’ll bet it did and if I’m on a role and guessing right I’ll be it ached over a person. I knew a lady who was a widow, who has lost her son. She grieved deeply and cried a lot. Her heart ached and there was little to comfort her at the time.

It takes time to mourn and heal from the loss and have the ache in the heart dissipate. A couple of years later I was back at that church and I saw her. Her smile had returned! There was a father whose son had left home will all of his belongings and his heart ached for his son. He yearned to see him again and have him sitting at the family dinner table. His son was alive, but he was gone and no word was coming as to how he was doing. It was like he was dead. He had a yearning heart and he yearned to see and embrace his son once again.

God has a yearning heart. His children were lost and it was like they were dead. They couldn’t hear his voice, sense His presence, experience His love and blessing and for so many not even know His Name. His voice and word have gone out to all the earth to call His children home. Perhaps that yearning inside your heart is a cry from within to return to His yearning heart!

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