Just have a good look at yourself! How many times have these penetrating words pierced through the stupor and the denial of someone who has lived a harsh life and found themselves lost, broken and empty?

That thought came from within the tattered soul of the young man taking a serious look at himself. He was coming to his senses. What he saw disgusted him and he knew he had fallen a great distance. Tattered clothes were all he saw. The fine, expensive clothing was gone, the fancy shoes are worn and discarded and all those “friends” had disappeared. “Just look at yourself … you’re a mess, and all you have left is pigs food and tattered clothes.” The young man thought of home, and well-dressed servants, a table full of delicious food and a warm bed. “I’d go home”, he told himself, “but my relationship with my father is more tattered than my clothes!” I’ll go home anyway and just offer to be a servant. An old man stood on his property line and saw the broken figure a long way off.

He knew the gait … the unmistakeable swagger of his youngest son (with a lot of the swagger gone) wearing nothing but tattered clothes but carrying a heavy burden. “Bring me a robe, a ring, and some shoes, for my son has returned!” The Father looks past the tattered clothes and soul, and cries, “My son was lost and now he’s found!”

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