I wonder what the young man was thinking about just before he asked his father for his entire inheritance. I’m thinking he lived in a nice home, he had servants waiting on the family, he had nice clothes, had good food on the table and overall enjoyed a sheltered, protected life. He wanted to ditch all that for what?

Something was drawing him from the good wholesome life he enjoyed with his family to a distant place that was telling him it was better and he’d have a whole lot more fun. Sin was lying at his door and tempting him to leave security and come away and be free to be your own person. “Hey Dad, can I have all my money?” Dad cuts him a cheque and a few days later the young man cuts family ties and heads off to a better life. He enjoyed parties, food, young women, friends, a new chariot (the bright yellow one), booze, and fun, fun, fun until it all dried up and he realized he had nothing. I wonder if he’d thought this far ahead when he dreamed of leaving home? He had been a good son, but now he was the prodigal (wasteful), son. He had lost everything! Now what?

Like Samson who had been captured by the enemy and lost his hair, his sight, and his freedom, this prodigal son faced an uncertain future, so now what would become of him?

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