That may sound spooky to some people, but what does it mean for a believer? You are body, soul, and spirit and you can be, or you are already filled with the Holy Spirit.

Before you were a believer you did pretty much anything you felt like doing. You were merely restrained by the laws of the road or the laws of the land. (You still broke the law but didn’t get caught!) Suddenly, life changes because you invited Jesus into your life and now you are determined to live for Him. A greater law and a greater force has been released into your heart and life – enter Holy Spirit. Now you must learn to listen to and follow His leading in your life every moment of every day. Here’s an example: when you learned to drive a car, they taught you where the brake was and you learned to use it. One day a dog runs out in front of your car and you slam on the brake and miss the dog. (Phew!) You hit the brake instinctively because you practiced lots and knew what to do.

In a similar sort of way, the Holy Spirit will speak and lead and you will listen and learn. He says, “Step on the brakes! And so you stop and maybe wait or change directions. When He says go, then you are headed in the right direction. Just let Him lead!

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