We all operate out of a certain value system. We put our energy, time, passion and talent into accomplishing the thing we love the most. Jesus operated out of His love for the Father (1st commandment) and His love for the world (2nd commandment). This love for both culminated in His journey to the cross to become sin for all of us. Simply put, Jesus bore our burdens. He took our sin, guilt, shame and all our condemnation. He bore our burdens and thereby showed us the supreme example of how to treat each other. So Paul says, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

If Jesus operated out of this law that moved Him to help others, then this is how we as His Church should operate. These days people bear all kinds of burdens: financial burdens, stress and work-related burdens, family burdens, addiction burdens and others just to name a few. Folks are homeless, broke, deserted, lonely, hurt, dying of incurable diseases and millions are refugees burdened by the loss of everything. What do we do?

We bear one another’s burdens which means we find a way to help them carry the load. This is love! What’s really awesome is that by doing so we act like Jesus and we fulfill the law of Christ. We operate out of the same value system He did.  What Would Jesus Do? – bear others burdens!

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