The greatest work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the production of the “Christ Like Life”. “Well, what does that look like?” you may ask. It looks like a well-manicured tree, that is healthy and bearing lots of fruit. When others watch our lives and pick away at our lives they discover fruit. People will observe our behaviour, our actions and reactions in everyday life situations. Will they see patience, joy, love, grace, gentleness or will they experience our intolerance, impatience, anger, and mean-spiritedness?

To Paul, the fruit of the Spirit was observable. He also said that you could have lots of it, and against such, there is no law. There is no law about how patient you are allowed to be, or how much joy can fill your soul. Your personal joy may annoy a depressed or upset person, but there’s no law against it!

Who knows, maybe your peace or joy or love will plant seeds in these others and they’ll begin to experience the same. After all, isn’t that what fruit does – reproduce? Lastly, fruit just doesn’t appear on a tree nor does it just appear in our lives. A tree produces fruit because it is healthy, has a good root system and is properly pruned. The fruit of the Spirit comes as a result of a deep work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and we become like Jesus.

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