Paul says in his letter to the Galatians that they are fools and accuses them of being “bewitched”. That’s pretty strong language coming from the apostle, but when you consider what is at stake, you kind of give him leeway. J.B. Phillips says it this way in his English translation, “O you dear idiots of Galatia, who saw Jesus Christ the crucified so plainly, who has been casting a spell over you? I will ask you one simple question: did you receive the Spirit of God by trying to keep the Law or by believing the message of the Gospel?”

The simplicity of the gospel message is that if believe in your heart and confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and that God has raised him from the dead … you shall be saved. Wow! What a gloriously simple message of hope and freedom. Now imagine someone coming after Paul and telling them, “Well that’s ok to start with, but now you have to obey the following rules to be accepted by God!”

That is what happened to the Galatian believers to the point even Peter got caught up in the deception. The truth had been clearly presented to them and they had understood it. Someone had bewitched them into believing “another” gospel which taught faith plus works make you acceptable to God. Paul merely wanted them to stand in freedom, peace and acceptance before the Father. So don’t be bewitched!

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