It’s interesting how so many people want to rise to the “top” and be a somebody. Teenagers will often sing in front of the mirror and imagine themselves as a super-star singing in front of large crowds and receiving tons of fan letters, and huge accolades from adoring multitudes. We as believers are not immune to the reality that sometimes we esteem certain people higher than others.

In his letter, James actually rebukes the church for treating the rich people more favourably than the poor. We are told not to have personal favoritism in respect to people in the body of Christ. The twelve Jesus chose to be His apostles were esteemed very highly in the early church because after all they had been chosen by the Master and had walked with Him. This, however, did not give them extra status with God! Listen to what Paul says, “But from those who seemed to be something – whatever they were, it makes no difference to me; God shows no personal favoritism to no man …”

Peter was regarded very highly in the early church, but Paul saw him as just another servant of Jesus. So, in the end, we all serve the Lord out of our gifting and talents (which He has given to us) and we don’t look for man’s approval or any special acknowledgment or treatment because we have some “special” gift. We are all His, and we can all come to His throne of Grace.

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