Paul the Apostle says that the preaching of Christ is the power of God unto salvation. God has chosen that people should be saved through the foolishness of preaching. He never said, “Through foolish preaching”, but through the medium of preaching truth through everyday common language. Jesus the Son of God came “preaching” and that was the greatest means He had and chose to have to reach mankind.

What I find most interesting are the results of this preaching of the good news. It actually changes people’s lives. The preaching of the word elevates people by delivering them “out of” their old lifestyle and “into” a newer, fuller and richer life centered in Christ. Paul said he received this gospel by revelation from God, and didn’t get it from man. The evidence of his message of the gospel was in something he refers to as “… his former conduct!” You see, this gospel changes you. Your post-conversion conduct should be different than your pre-conversion conduct.

If you have had a “conversion” experience and have come into “fellowship” with Jesus then you will be changed and be forever different. For example, Paul used to persecute the church, and after he got saved he defended the gospel message the church proclaimed. He formerly depended upon his good behaviour for his salvation, but once he met Jesus all that changed and now he understood that only through Christ could someone be saved. How about you … do you still have former conduct?

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