My dad always said, “Go ahead and back up!” This, of course, confused me, but I always did what I was told. I went ahead then backed up, with a big smile on my face! So now, for me to say, “Remember to forget”, it sort of puts me in the same frame of mind … confused.

We are told in scripture to remember. Remember always what the Lord your God has done. “Do this in “remembrance” of Me”, Jesus told us. Remember the former things. Remembrance should stir thanksgiving, praise, adoration and new seeds of faith for future divine interaction. We are also told to forget! Paul said, “Forgetting those things which are behind and looking forward to those things which lie ahead.” We drive forward by watching out of the front windshield, but from time to time we take a peek out of the rearview mirror.

We should recall where we came from and be thankful, but also remember to forget so we can move forward into our future and destiny. A bad past can hold us back. An excellent past can hold us back if we don’t let go of past successes and simply revel in them. Ah, the good ole days! Sorry Dad, but I’m going to go ahead by moving forward, with thanks to God for the past and faith for what lies ahead. So don’t forget to remember, but then remember to forget.

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