Lots of folks are asking this question these days, “What is Christmas all about?” In Canada, we are living in a Post-Christian society which simply means that as a nation of people we have moved away from the Christian influence that used to govern our morals and actions and become not only a more autonomous people but also an almost anti-Christian society.

We’ve taken a lot of Christ out of Christmas. Christian songs are no longer sung in our children’s school’s Christmas Concerts and you may “offend” someone if you greet them with “Merry Christmas!” What is Christmas all about?

I read a story the other day about a young mom who had twins she was trying to raise on her own after her husband (a police officer in NY) was killed in the line of duty. Here’s what the News report said, “But their community rallied around them in a stunning way. On Friday, Villella and the twins accepted from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation a new home, fully furnished and mortgage free. The co-op apartment is located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. The family will be able to move in by Christmas, according to WABC News.”

You may say, “What an extravagant gift!” Then I’d say, “Yup, that’s Christmas! It’s all about an extravagant gift. God said to all of mankind (all peoples, all colours, all walks of life), “You are worth the extravagant gift of My Son!” God gave … we give … Christmas is giving!

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