Let me ask you a question … what puts a happy face smile on your face? I mean, what event or circumstance stops you in your tracks because of the sheer joy that fills your soul as a result of the situation. Is it that special gift from a secret friend? Maybe you can’t wipe the smile off your face as an old friend disembarks their flight and you watch as they make their way through the crowd to be met by your warm embrace and that great big smile.

Happy reunions make everyone smile, don’t they! Some star-gazing magi had made their way across the ancient lands of the Middle East in search of a newborn king. A star had pointed them in that direction and so they headed off with what I’m certain filled their hearts  – wonder. Following stars to find a new king isn’t an exact science you know.

They went to where logic pointed them which was the capital city of Israel, where the palace was and where they figured they would find a king. They got redirected by the Scribes to a tiny town to the southwest called Bethlehem – then they saw the star again! When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. They had found the newborn King. Their heart overflowed (all the way to their faces) with unspeakable joy. Christmas is about finding a King and experiencing unimaginable joy. So … rejoice … behold your King!

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