So, two women were arguing over a baby and King Solomon said, “Cut the baby in half and give each mother a half!” My reaction … “Solomon, are you nuts?” This is the young king I mentioned last week as having asked the Almighty for wisdom and the Word says God answered his prayer. So now he’s telling one of his bodyguards to cut a baby in two! This doesn’t sound very wise.

Here’s the story … two women had each given birth to a baby and one of the children had died. One of the women accused the other of taking the live baby and placing the dead baby in its place. Of course, the other woman disagreed and said the baby was indeed hers. There were no witnesses and this was way before DNA testing could be done. How is Solomon going to figure out whose baby it is? Remember, he’s a “wise guy” now because he asked God for wisdom!

One of the woman cries out, “Don’t cut the baby in two!” The other lady said, “Yeah do it, and give us both half!” Solomon responded by saying, “Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him; she is his mother.” Wisdom revealed that the true mother genuinely cared for the welfare of the child and wanted no harm to come to him, even at the cost of losing him. Wisdom prevailed!

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