How would you like your “affair” posted on Facebook? I know, I know there are some really dumb things posted on Facebook, which make many of us cringe. We ask ourselves, “why would anyone post that?” Imagine someone seeing that 3000 years from now!

Here’s the thing … in chapter 11 of 2Samuel we are told the entire story of David’s affair with a woman called Bathsheba and then the cover up by David where he “arranged” Bathsheba’s husband to get killed in battle. The story is in the Bible not to paint a nasty picture of how bad David was and be the gossip Facebook of their day, but for many other reasons. David and Bathsheba were people, fallen people, like you and me, who happened to have made some bad choices. Their sin got exposed, and David wrote in Psalm 51 of how broken and sinful he felt. The child born because of the affair died, and yet despite all that happened God forgave them and cleansed them of their sin.

David had lost his joy and his closeness with the Lord because of his bad decisions, but God who is always faithful restored David and eventually another son born to David and Bathsheba would become King of Israel. The Messiah (Jesus) would come from this line of David. So, don’t fear, and don’t quit, because God can turn around many of our bad choices and work them out for good.

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