Do you remember the show, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” It’s embarrassing to discover that either kids are a lot smarter these days, or because of age we’ve just forgotten a whole pile of stuff. We can act like know-it-all’s sometime when in fact we never really know it all.

One of God’s characteristics is that He is all knowing … omniscient. Knowing that should give us the confidence to trust Him in every given situation. He doesn’t tell us everything but He does give us enough information to make wise and correct decisions.

King Saul was told by God to destroy the Amalekites. Off King Saul and his army went to carry out their mission. Samuel arrived to check on their progress when he heard the bleating of sheep. They had kept some of the animals God wanted destroyed, for a sacrifice. A simple question arose … does God desire sacrifice or obedience?

We act like we are smarter than God and that we have things figured out. Sometimes we act like we can just pay Him off and then He’ll be ok with however we chose to live out our particular lifestyle. God actually despises our “offerings” when our lives don’t line up with His requirements for holiness. Jesus said to us that if we truly loved Him then we would follow and obey. Obedience out of love is what He seeks for in us. Are we that smart?

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