If last week we talked about power under control then this week I’ll share about power released and power received. First some brief background.

Approaching the time of coming to Jerusalem for Passover Jesus mentioned that he would get arrested, be tried and killed. “But, hey Gang, don’t sweat it, after three days I will rise again.” I don’t suspect for a moment that Jesus approached the agonizing hours of His trial, beatings and crucifixion with anything but dread, and yet He knew what would come of it and How He would prevail. The word does say, “Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross!”

Something kept Him on that cross, because He could have called 10,000 angels to instantly rescue Him. He endured and then He breathed His last. Three days past and then the greatest power ever was suddenly released. Jesus destroyed sin, defeated death and conquered the grave as glorious resurrection power brought Him back to life. No one ever did that before!

Because He is the Resurrection and the Life He wants you to also experience that resurrection power and not just when you die. It is for right now as you life out this Christian experience. You don’t have to serve out of your own weak human abilities, but serve Him in the Spirit in the power of His resurrection. Paul’s prayer is that you’ll discover how!

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