The second thing Paul wanted us to know after we had our eyes opened was to know the riches of His inheritance in the Saints.

I think there may be a couple of meanings here. We often think about our inheritance which has been obtained for us by Jesus at the cross. Jesus told His followers He must go to Jerusalem and He rolled into Jerusalem as their King, but procured a different outcome than they expected. He died on the cross, to pay for our sins, provide redemption and reconcile us back to the Father. All the rest of the inheritance flows out of that: Mercy, forgiveness, cleansing, fullness of the Spirit, peace, hope, joy, new life and so on. But wait, God was also looking for an inheritance for Himself!

Do you realize that God viewed you with such love and placed such value on your life that He was delighted to know that the outcome of salvation meant you would be His eternal inheritance. That’s right, you are the riches of His inheritance. The deep work of grace in your life will produce for God riches beyond imagination.

God doesn’t inherit stuff like we do. He inherits you and your redeemed spirit-filled life will obtain all the riches God will need to brag about you for eternity! Pray with Paul that you discover how you are the riches of His inheritance.

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