Imagine being prayed for by a great man of God. People have lined up in long queues just to have mighty evangelists pray over them. You’ve been prayed for by one of God’s greatest servants – Paul the Apostle. I’d like to peel back the layers of his prayer and discover what was important enough to pray about, that 20 centuries later it would still have impact.

He asks God the Father, first and foremost, that you would receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. What’s this look like and why is this so important?

Well, first there is a great deal of confusion among people about the nature, character and work of God. Paul was a member of the Jewish people to whom God had revealed His word through prophets, and yet they totally missed the coming of their Messiah. He was completely resistant to the New Covenant message of a group of followers of the Messiah – the first Christians. What changed? The Lord showed up and revealed Himself to this selfish, malicious man and changed him. Paul would write, God made known to me this mystery by revelation.

I’ll talk about this “mystery” later but for now focus on this prayer for revelation. Since Paul received this message by “revelation” by the Holy Spirit he is telling us and praying for it to happen, that God would reveal the truth about Himself to us also, by His Spirit. Why is that so important? Another layer next time …

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